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Get your diploma at ACC, and then you should be ready to become industry certified. There are a variety of certifications available.

Standardized competency tests were created through affiliation and cooperation with several industry groups. We can help you prepare for these tests through our testing preparation program, and in some cases we provide the testing. Certifications are not required to graduate, but ACC pays for the initial testing so our students pursue this career-enhancing goal.

For a list of our industry certifications costs, please contact our administrative offices.

MOS: Microsoft Certifications
There are numerous levels of certifications that are available through Microsoft Certified Professional. These include MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) - Core and Expert Level; MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and MCP + Internet.

OPAC: Office Proficiency Assessment Certification
This certification is sponsored by the Association of Administrative Professionals. This certification assesses the skill competencies of numerous office technology skill areas, such as computer skills, records management, accountancy, English and grammar, etc.

A+: Computing Technology Industry Association
This certification verifies the competency of service technicians in the computer industry. This means you can possess the knowledge, skills and customer relations skills that will make you a computer service technician as defined by experts from companies across the country. A+ certification is only available at our Lubbock and Wichita Falls campuses.

NCCT: National Center for Competency Testing
Sponsored by the National Center for Competency Testing, various certification credentials are available in several job fields, such as registered bookkeepers, certified CPA assistants, certified medical office specialists and certified healthcare insurance coding specialists.

MA: National Association for Health Professionals
Being certified verifies the competency of a medical assistant. There are also certifications for phlebotomists and EKG technicians for qualifying medical assistants.